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Captive Wilderness releases March 24th, 2022

Book one of the Goldenlach Ridge Shifters trilogy

Brooke: a bobcat shifter trapped in human form.

When she and her sister are kidnapped and collared, Brooke is the only one who escapes. Dropped into the Canadian wilderness with a dangerous shifter on her tail, there is no way for her to find and save her sister. The only one who can help her is a reclusive man she found in the middle of nowhere, a loner who doesn’t speak and she doesn’t know if she can trust.

Kane: a grizzly shifter who rejects his animal side.

Kane Baird hasn’t socialized with another human in years and he likes it that way. Being on his own has kept people safe from him, but now that an intriguing woman has intruded on his self-exile, he struggles to control his more primal emotions. And when Brooke goes into heat, stranded in his remote cabin is the last place she should be.

With danger sniffing at their heels, will Brooke and Kane’s forced proximity be their salvation, or prove fatal to them both?