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Captive Wilderness

Book One

Captured, collared, and trapped in her human form, Brooke escapes, but at what cost?

When she and her sister are kidnapped and collared, Brooke is the only one who escapes. Dropped into the Canadian wilderness with a dangerous shifter on her tail, there is no way for her to save her sister. The only one who can help her is a reclusive man she comes across in the middle of nowhere, a loner who doesn’t speak.

Grizzly shifter Kane hasn’t socialized with another human in years, and he likes it that way. Being on his own has kept people safe from him, but now that an intriguing woman has intruded on his self-exile, he struggles to control his more primal emotions. And when Brooke goes into heat, stranded in his remote cabin is the last place she should be.

With danger sniffing at their heels, will Brooke and Kane’s forced proximity be their salvation, or prove fatal to them both?


Available Now!

Kindle Unlimited

And add to your Goodreads list!

Caged Fury

Book Two

Abducted and stripped of her shifter abilities, Sabrina faces certain death. Unless...

Captured, caged, and brought to an unknown location, Sabrina Covin is controlled by a deranged doctor and sociopathic businessman. She only has one chance of escape, but that means she needs to put her trust in the person whose tortured screams reach her through the walls. Can she count on him as an ally or will this tormented soul become her biggest enemy?

Walker Hayles is no stranger to being held captive. Former military turned freelance investigator, he might have been doing a friend a favor, but it landed him in a whole heap of trouble. What he doesn’t expect is the woman who got him abducted in the first place to come to his rescue. Or that his shifter instincts tell him they are fated mates—instincts she doesn’t seem to share.

When the pair make a break for it, will distrust and resentment lead them right back in the hands of the enemy, or will they find solace in each other’s arms?

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