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“Ghost of a Gamble” is a contemporary, gothic tale filled with sparkling wittiness, budding romance, thrilling suspense, and scary ghosts! The characters are intense and lively people who leap from the page with unique and interesting detail. Bree’s effervescent attitude and Zack’s tortured temperament combine to make a quirky, sexy, and intense love affair every reader will thoroughly enjoy. The haunted inn and the colorful ... Author of the Day Interview


Please give us a short introduction to what Ghost of a Gamble is about.

Ghost of a Gamble is a romance between two very different people wrapped around a ghost story. Zack is the ghost hunter searching for an assistant, and Bree is the skeptic who just lost her job. Their personalities clash while chemistry sparks, all amid an investigation of one of the most haunted houses Zack has ever encountered. While Bree struggles with the need to expose the paranormal investigation company as a scam...


Lisa Haselton Blog Interview


Welcome, J.E. Please tell us about your current release.

Ghost of a Gamble is a romance pitting a ghost hunter with a skeptic. Set in Wickwood, a city where strange things happen, the two main characters are thrown together by bad luck. Bree loses her job at the beginning of the book, and with an eviction notice in her back pocket she needs to find a job fast. That’s when she runs into Zack, a paranormal investigator searching for an assistant. Because Bree speaks without a filter and...  



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