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Fresh Fiction Q&A - October 2022

Get to Know Your Favorite Authors
J.E. McDonald | 20 Questions: CAGED FURY

1--What is the title of your latest release?

CAGED FURY, book two of the Goldenlach Ridge Shifters trilogy.

2--What’s the “elevator pitch” for your new book?

When a tenacious bobcat shifter is captured and caged to be sold off as sport for hunters, she must put her trust in the person she got captured along with her in order for them to escape—or die trying.

Books With Bridgetti - November 2021


Watch the interview on Youtube:

Douglas Coleman Show - November 2021


J.E. McDonald was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, The Land of the Living Skies. As a child, she was either searching the clouds for identifiable shapes, or star-gazing way past her bedtime.


Listen to the podcast on Youtube:

Discovered Wordsmiths Podcast - S.A. Schnieder


JE hails from Canada and was a great interview – twice! Sorry, forgot to hit record the first time. It was just practice.

She is a mother and spends time reading and making up stories with her girls.

She talks about using a new app to distribute her book along with the standard distributors. Sometimes taking chances on something new pays off...

The Magic of Stories - About a book


Where did the idea for the story come from?

This is the second book in my series, the Wickwood Chronicles. Stella and Lucas both appear briefly in the first book in the series, Ghost of a Gamble. It felt like the next natural step to share their story with the world.

InD'tale Magazine Review - Ghost of an Enchantment


Stella and Lucas meet in a popular Wickwood pub and are immediately drawn to one another. Receiving a panicked call from her best friend Aubrey, Stella believes a strange ring from Aubrey’s antique shop is a portal to another dimension allowing mischievous entities to escape. Officer Lucas runs into Stella again after answering a string of strange break-in calls and a neighbor’s noise complaint. Believing Stella is...

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