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And add to your Goodreads list!

Ghost of a Beginning (Prequel Novella)

You can take the girl out of Wickwood, but you can’t take Wickwood out of the girl.

At twenty-three years old and fresh out of college, Grace Liller takes a last-minute trip across the ocean to flee her family’s…oddities. She might see auras, but that doesn’t mean she has to accept the strange things her mother told her. Hoping to find an escape in London, England, instead she encounters Sam Thomas, a young man avoiding problems of his own.

While Grace needs normalcy, Sam craves adventure. His parents have his life laid out before him, years of working a stable job at their law firm. But after living his life as dictated by them, he desires less stability in his life.

When Grace and Sam become roommates, they start to realize they might be exactly what the other is searching for. But can the mystery in their building bring their two very different worlds together? Or will the haunting tear them apart?

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Ghost of a Gamble (Wickwood Chronicles #1)

Bree Tisdale is a jack-of-all trades blogger whose work history is nothing but tragic. When she lands a job with a supposed ghost hunter—the mysterious Zack Liller—he threatens to upend her world.

With an eviction notice in her back pocket, she doesn’t have much of a choice. Yet, as the mysteries pile up, the impossible suddenly starts to seem possible…

…Even trusting in Zack and the fire he lights inside her.

Zack Liller grew up with ghosts and has little time for fun and games. Reservations that Bree will be a good fit for his sister’s company plague him, but one day spent with the vivacious woman ends up convincing him Liller Investigations can’t do without her.

Or at least, that he can’t.

But, as things heat up between them, he is forced to wonder if he can trust Bree enough to be honest about his abilities.

When the house they’re investigating turns out to be one of the most active he has ever experienced—and the most dangerous—he realizes he may not have a choice.

Ghost Enchantment DIGTIAL coverNew (quot

And add to your Goodreads list!

Ghost of an Enchantment (Wickwood Chronicles #2)

Stella Campfield might be having a string of bad luck, but she has her witch's intuition telling her it will turn around. That is until her best friend accidentally opens a portal to another dimension!


When the police arrive, she’s dismayed to learn the officer she’s been obsessing over is on the case. As an energy reader, she’s drawn to him like no other and can’t explain it.


And that changes everything.


When Lucas Martinez ends up on the alluring lady’s doorstep because of a noise disturbance call, he is unexpectedly pulled into the world of the paranormal.


Burn marks on the floor and floating books? Nothing is as it seems.


As his attraction for the secretive witch grows, and as he digs into the mysteries surrounding her, he’s even more convinced Stella is at the center of it all.


Can the unlikely pair learn to trust each other or will the sinister forces surrounding them tear their burning romance—and the world—apart?

Summoning DIGITAL cover.jpg

And add to your Goodreads list!

Ghost of a Summoning (Wickwood Chronicles #3)

There's something extraordinary hidden behind Wickwood's picturesque façade...and it threatens everyone.

When a mysterious stranger turns up looking for a job, antique store owner Aubrey Karle finds it hard to resist Roman's quiet charm. But things become weird when the ghost who's been attached to her since she was a kid takes an instant dislike to the newcomer, objecting to his presence in a violent way.

Why can't she just have a semblance of a normal life?

Roman Milone has demons in his closet, literal ones. A prophecy spoken by a fallen angel brings him back to his hometown, and his world is turned upside down when he finds his next target is a sweet woman with a sexy smile and curves that go on for days. She can't be the one prophesied to bring hell on Earth, not with a soul as bright as hers.

Just as the pair give into their attraction, and think they might be able to find a bit of happiness, a powerful demon with a thirty-year-old grudge makes an appearance in Wickwood. How can Roman keep Aubrey safe when he is the one who might be the biggest threat of all?

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